The Marq Apartment For Rent – Black Pearl in the heart of Saigon

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    280 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia st, District 3, HCMC
    The Marq Apartment For Rent – Black Pearl in the heart of Saigon

    The Marq apartment for rent is a super luxury project in the central golden land of District 1. The Marq Project developed by 2 leading investors in Asia and Vietnam, namely Hongkong Land and Hoa Lam Group, provides a living space with a modernly architectural breath in the heart of District 1.

    By the gorgeous green living space, The Marq gives the residents a delightful sense of being away, being with nature, right in the metropolis heart of District 1. Stepping into a serene lantern hall where the calming sounds of cascading water, soothing smart lighting and lush landscaping harmonize with each other as well as enjoying unbeatable views of the city centre from the resort-themed amenities The Sky Club on the terrace.

    The Marq Hongkong Land is located on the golden land with a total area of 5,146m2 (more than 0.5ha) of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street in District 1, including 2 apartment towers to 26 floors high. The project has a total of 515 luxury apartments of 6 stars.

    A wide choice from: 1 - 4 bedrooms, penthouses.

    Area is in the form of: 45 - 146 m2.
    - 1 Bedroom apartment: 45 - 79 m2.
    - Apartment 2 Bedrooms : 72 - 85 m2.
    - Typical 3 Bedrooms apartment (no separate elevator hall): 109-110m2. Special 3-bedrooms apartment (with private elevator hall): 121 - 129 m2.
    - 4 Bedrooms apartment (with private elevator hall): 144 - 146 m2.
    - Penthouse (with private elevator hall): 234 - 250 m2.

    The biggest highlight of the project is an oasis of oasis in the middle of the cloud on the rooftop of the Hong Kong-based Maram Q1, customers are willing to float and float at her extreme pool and watch Saigon blooming at night.

    Some other outstanding utilities of The Marq apartment project in District 1 can be mentioned as: Jacuzzi, children's pool, gym, Sauna, restaurant, sky bar, BBQ, banquet room, private kitchen , children's play area and system of trees, landscapes, libraries ...

    More remarkably, The Marq apartment of Hongkong Land in District 1 is a rare project in the market when investors put into use apartments with separate elevator designs. Specifically, the apartments have their own elevator including: special 3-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom apartments and penthouses. This is probably the difference of The Marq Q1 compared to other luxury projects in the market.

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